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We are always looking for the most talented people.  These items explain who we are, how we engage clients and each other, and our recruitment process.  
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Why should you consider joining us?
People join us for a lot of reasons.  For many it is the opportunity to work on challenging projects surrounded by intelligent and deeply committed people that help them grow and develop in ways they never imagined.


Network Strategy is a great place to take your career to a new level.
Whether you are taking your first career steps or looking for a new challenge, a career with Network Strategy enables you to create a customized experience that is both challenging and rewarding.  Our culture is built around smart, dedicated likeable people who create unique solutions to complex problems.

Our reputation for excellence is underpinned by shared values of integrity, quality and accountability in everything we do.  That is reflected in how we work with our clients and with each other.
We strive to create an environment where you are inspired by those around you in a supportive constructive atmosphere.
You need to be committed to excellence, open to new ideas, willing to learn, share our drive and accept that no two days will be the same.
We are always looking for bright, talented people - It is one of the reasons our clients choose us and why we think you should too.
Careers - Why should you consider joining us?
Our Way of Working
We have a distinctive way of working with our clients and each other.


Our core values express the fundamental principals that we believe as a firm but to succeed as valued partners we need to engage our clients, and each other, in a way that reflects our culture.
As we work each day we aim to demonstrate five key characteristics:
We provide practical, clear and compelling advice not bound to a narrow definition of the task or project on which we are working
Our approach will be broad, analytical and informed, pushing through initial perception to deliver greater value to our clients
We work closely and openly with clients bringing a focus that ensures we give "best advice" and protecting their long term interests.
We adapt to change, situations and priorities with a positive can-do attitude and work with, not just for our clients 
Our work will be diligent, thorough and adaptive balancing risk against the rewards of momentum, progress and new approaches.
Careers - Our way of working
  • The Interests of our clients is our primary responsibility
Our experience shows that if we serve our clients well, our own success will follow.
The interests of our clients is our first priority
Reputation is our principal asset.    
Reputation is built over time but can be quickly tarnished and is difficult to restore.  Our adherence to the ethical principals and both the letter and spirit of laws and regulations shall be unswerving.
We pride ourselves on the professional quality of our work    
We have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we do.  Quality will always prevail over other considerations.
We strive to innovate and be creative in all we do.  
We strive to find a better solution to our client’s problems recognizing that each situation has unique characteristics.  Our intellectual property will be used to the benefit our clients.
We take time to find the very best person for each role.
Our success is intrinsically linked to the ability of our people to shape the outcome of the projects we undertake.  Without the best people we cannot succeed.
Our people have the opportunity to advance rapidly
Nobody has a monopoly on wisdom and we allow people to advance based on merit.  Diversity in background, experience and attitude is a vital component of our success and academic prowess is recognized as just one element when considering acheivement.
We are a Team and not a group of individual contributors.
Individual creativity is always encouraged but ideas, concepts, methods,  approaches and solutions are strengthened when subjected to rigorous consideration by teams of people with diverse abilities.
We receive confidential information as we interact with clients and others.
It is our abiding principal that we will not breach confidence or use confidential information improperly.  We have a duty of care to protect our client's interests with equal diligence to our own.
We operate in competitive markets and seek to expand client relationships.
We will pursue commercial success on a fair basis and we will not denigrate the reputation of our competitors
Integrity, honesty and transparency are more than mere sentiments.
We expect, indeed require, that our people maintain high ethical standards in all they do both in their professional and personal lives.
Careers - Core Values & Business Principals
Core Values and Business Principals 
We have a framework of standards and principals that guide our actions. 


Our guiding principal is  "Do the right thing and be transparent while doing it."  That intent is amplified in a series of statements reflecting our values, principals and standards.

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Please complete the form below to submit your resume.  We aim acknowledge receipt within two business days.
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If you are seeking new challenges and the opportunity to broaden or develop your career, Network Strategy may be the perfect fit for you. We take great pride in the outstanding level of professionalism and quality of consulting services that we provide to our clients. 
This is a brief outline of our selection process:
Initial Application 
The initial application can be for a specific vacancy or an  open application to be matched against future opportunities. 
First Contact 
We will tell you if we do not have an opportunity that matches your profile and requirements.  Where a good match does exist we will contact you to schedule a first interview.   
Interview Process
For most roles there will be between two and five interviews with members of our talent acquisition, operational and leadership teams.  The process is intended to be an opportunity for two-way communication so do feel free to use each step as an opportunity to discover more about us.
Offer and Induction
If you are successful we will make you a written offer and arrange to begin the onboarding process.
Recruitment Companies & Agencies 
We do not accept unsolicited resumes from recruitment companies and similar organizations.  If you wish to be considered for approved supplier status please submit an overview of your services our talent acquisition team at
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