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  1. Problem Analysis & Resolution

    We isolate and resolve problems that impact application performance and infrastructure stability.

  2. Infrastructure & Operations Outsourcing

    We design, install and operate computing, storage, network and communication infrastructure 

  3. Technology Rationalization

    We help to align technology to reflect the realities of changing market conditions, mergers and acquisitions.

  4. Implementation Support for Vendors

    We help vendors implement their solutions into complex customer environments.

  5. Rapid Deployment of Resilient Networks

    Utilizing multiple fixed and wireless technologies we provision advanced, secure, QoS enabled networks in days rather than months.

  6. Project Management & Solution Deployment

    We provide project management expertise supported by a process designed to manage risk and enhance delivery timelines.

  7. Network & Carrier Problem Resolution

    We help communication carriers and their customers overcome problematic implementations and resolve chronic outage issues.

  8. Technology Roadmap Development

    We develop holistic technology plans that connect technology investments to substantive capability and performance gains.

  9. Transformational Leaders for IT & IS Functions

    We provide "Change Catalyst" leaders who restructure & refocus information technology teams to drive innovation. 

  10. Multi-Vendor Co-Ordination

    We act as a trusted third party to conduct root cause analysis and resolve problems within multi-vendor integration projects.

Managed Services

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Our managed services help clients build, operate, monitor, manage and support enterprise technology infrastructure and networks. Our expertise, coupled with our proactive monitoring and management platforms, reduce complexity and ensure optimal performance.

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Consulting Services

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Our practical approach to strategy, assessment, integration and operations help clients develop optimized technology architecture that better aligns IT with overall business goals. We refine theory into practice to achieve a simplified, agile, cost-effective and security-rich infrastructure supports innovation and delivers business value.

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